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Thread: Sterling silver cross+chain, silver dime, and a few wheats

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    Sterling silver cross+chain, silver dime, and a few wheats

    Headed out to a local park for a few hours today. Another metal detectorist showed up while I was detecting. I wasn't finding much so I soon left for another location. The spot I went to has been pounded by almost every single machine so I wasn't expecting to find much. I have found 3 silver coins here though, so there is still stuff left. I get an 80 signal about two-three inches down and I pull out a silver chain with a cross on it marked "Sterling". Chain is also marked .925 Italy. I was pretty happy. I move around and go to an area where people have been driving on for many years and dig a wheat penny at 1 inch. I then get a dime signal and dig my hole and find the dime with my pinpointer. I notice its discolored similar to the way clad looks that hasn't been in the ground that long. I see the date of 1961 and I know its not clad. Turns out to be a 1961d Roosevelt dime, an ugly one, but I'll take it. I dug three wheat pennies in total along with some clad, an interesting pin or something and trash, I headed home as darkness began to fall feeling content with my finds

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    Nice bit o' silver, and that Hudson River Day Line pin is cool. Apparently they were the 1'st class way to travel by steamboat on the Hudson back in the day.
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    That silver cross is very interesting! I've never seen one like it.

    I bet that Hudson River Day Line pin has some age to it! Very cool!

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    Very nice that you can get the goodies that everybody else left behind. I have about 8 religious medallions but have yet to find a chain with one of them. on some great hunting.
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    That's a really cool Hudson River Day Line Pin. It looks like all the enamel is still there.

    The silver chain and Rosie are great finds as well.
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    That sterling silver cross is an awesome find! You are very lucky to find that kind of metal around your area. Just a bit of cleaning it with silver polish will make it as good as new. This type of jewellery usually combined with copper to give it a toughness that will allow the jewellery to keep its shape. I hope that you are still keeping it. Keep on digging ang hunting!
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