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Thread: November Digs

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    November Digs

    I have gotten in very little hunting this year compared to previous years; mostly because a large portion of time over the summer was spent helping my parents move from their long time home in New England to upstate NY near me. They finally completed the move in October and were mostly settled by November. So my dad and I were able to get in a number of hunts in November and he has proved to be quite the good luck charm for me. In 16 hunts I was able to pull 24 silver coins - all dimes! I also scored 4 silver rings, 4 Buffalo nickels, and a few nice token. I'm not sure what the odds are of finding 24 silver dimes without a quarter, nickel, or half in the mix but I'm not complaining.

    Only 23 of the 24 dimes are in the pictures below, the reason for which is a good story that I will post separately.

    Happy hunting!
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    I'm glad you and your dad are getting some quality time together...and he's a lucky charm to boot
    I haven't found a barber dime all year, I don't remember the last one I found
    I hope your luck continues!!

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    Wow that is a heck of a November! Love those old barbers.
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    Great November and with the weather holding you should have some opportunity to have a great December as well. Great Hunts WD
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    Looks like some great hunts! Nice looking coins and rings-I'm yet to find a buffalo. Congrats!
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    Great hunting and I can't wait to hear the story on "24" . All the best to you and your Dad , you are blessed to have each other .

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    Great digs...a silver scout ring is high on my bucket list still.
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    Congrats again Matt for an outstanding ability to get those deep dimes out of the ground. I wish I had that ability because I shudder to think how many dimes I may have left in the ground at my sites back in southern NH not to mention that I don't stand a chance of finding them when we detect together.
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    Nice pile of keepers. It must be nice to have the folks close to you. on all your keepers.
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    Great to hear from you Matt (and Bob of course) , congrats on a very limited but productive November I hope to hear and see posts more regularly with you and your dad . Best of luck in the new year you two !!

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    Wow...24 silver dimes. Great to see you're able to spend some quality time with your Dad. Worth more than all the silver you'll ever pull from the ground. Congrats indeed.

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