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Thread: Thread Showcasing Member's Two Best Finds of 2014

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    Thread Showcasing Member's Two Best Finds of 2014

    Each member is encouraged to post their two best finds of 2014 on this thread. Simply post a photo of each find, a brief comment, and if possible, a link to the original post made in 2014.

    Don't be shy! This is not a competition, just a thread for everyone to showcase their two best finds from 2014. We all have made finds we are proud of, so why not share them!

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    Central Maryland

    Gold and Silver

    Well Tony, you started this thread a little sooner this year. I found a few good pieces this year, but I would have to say these are my best. I don`t know how to link them to the original post.
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    Ill have to go with my first silver ever
    Name:  NCM_0853.jpg
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    And the first IHs I found that was a 3 Indian spill
    Name:  NCM_0892.jpg
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    Here are my two best of 2014 ! In January I found my first Morgan silver dollar ! It was found at an old park in San Jose , California . My other great find was in October , my first Spanish Reale ! It has been a great year of finds !
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    Where`s Tony`s

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    Hi Tony and Happy Holiday to you and the other great members of the forum,

    Haven't had too much time to get out since about October, but I'd say my #1 find is an 1865 2 cent piece in decent condition.

    Second place for me is a close toss-up between a finely detailed flat button with basket weave pattern and an 1841 Hard Times Token. I'll post the token pic for what it's worth. In pretty rough shape but you can make out enough detail and the date to identify, despite my rather average pics.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Last year I had a tough time deciding, but this year was much easier.

    1. 1877 Indian Head Cent that I found on my dad and brother's land on April 19, 2014.!&highlight=

    2. 1832 Capped Bust Half Dime that I found in a private yard on June 15, 2014.!&highlight=

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    Tuff to decide but, I would have to go with two 1st's for me. One being a complete Silver Colonial Knee(Breach) buckle with brass tongue and chape and probably my favorite find on the year has to be the George Washington Success Token I dug last month.
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    Not having the usual amount of hunts as in previous years these choices were simple.

    Number 1 best find for me is the 1787 Ct copper(its a Miller 33.34-ZName:  CT Copper - KGIII - dandy 001.jpg
Views: 585
Size:  107.6 KBName:  Oct 8th seated, CWT, MA button 005.jpg
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Size:  64.9 KB.11) and number 2 would be the MA militia button (dating from 1808 - 1823).
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    These are interesting, an ambrotype of a c.1860 couple from a cellar hole...and a 1600s to early 1700s silver fur trade brooch.!!!
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    My first would have to be the 1852 Trime That I dug in Wisconsin This May. I was so new at detecting, I didn't even know what it was
    .Name:  zippo 016.jpg
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    My second would have to be the 1921 Morgan Dollar that I dug after work in August
    Name:  018.jpg
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    Sorry, i couldn't figure out how to add the link
    If there was a third, it would be the 1828 Large cent that i dug at the old stage coach house.
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    My best find this year has got to be the 1887 Seated Dime I dug this December
    .Name:  12-13-14 004.jpg
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    There are probably a few seconds, but i'm going to with the 1897 Barber Half that I dug in Wisconsin
    Name:  als merc 002.jpg
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    This will be a great thread and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's top two finds! For me it was the 7 coin spill earlier in the season that included six 1800's silvers (including 4 seated dimes and my first Barber quarter) and then later in the fall my first Spanish silver (1751 Real).
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    Name:  photo.JPG
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Size:  81.0 KBMy best 2 finds were the GW inaugural button and my first Barber quarter (p.s. I'm not trying to sneak in 2 more coins, they just happen to be in the only photo of the Barber I had on my cell phone).

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    Since I've only been at it 7 months, it wasn't too hard to pick out my 2 best finds.

    Found just a couple weeks ago on a farm field invite from Aloldstuff (thank you again Al!), my counterfeit King George II:*-KG!
    Name:  BestOf1.jpg
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    My other best find (and AD banner candidate. woohoo) was on a solo park hunt in late November. Native American silver and turquoise ring with a maker's mark. Bell Trading company, 1935 to 1971. I'm still pondering having it sized:
    Name:  BestOf2.jpg
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    2014 was big year of learning for me,, not a lot of great finds. The South Carolina button I found in April was my best. Then I spent most of the summer months with a fly rod in hand. Second I guess would be the Dodge Bros. emblem.

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    You make it tough by limiting to two favorites. I picked these two because it's the nicest 2 real I've ever found and although corroded, an 1804 large cent is one of the rarest dates of all large cents. It was still a hard choice as a found an 1837 No Stars Obverse Seated Dime, 2 war of 1812 artillery buttons, a sterling knee buckle c.1770-1790 and the nicest standing liberty quarter I've found in 35 years of detecting. Still in all I'll stay with my choice as the 1804 LC is about 9 times as rare as an 1877 Indian and higher grade 2 reals just don't come up that often. Did I forget to mention my best NJ copper I found a few weeks ago : ) Oh, almost forgot to mention, people are posting some amazing finds like an 1877 Indian, beautiful CT copper and that buckle is amazing. Happy New Year and Happy Hunting!
    Name:  1804 cent & 2 reale obv.jpg
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    Name:  1804 cent & 2 reale rev.jpg
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    Name:  1804 cent date reduced.jpg
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    Best Finds for 2015

    1871 British Gold half sovereign
    1786 New Jersey copper

    1786 Vermont Landscape
    2 - 1787 Connecticut coppers
    4 King George II halfpence
    2 King George II Farthings
    3 Large cents
    5 - 1864 2 Cent Pieces
    1857 Seated Dime
    4 Barber Dimes
    Standing Liberty Quarter
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    8 War Nickels
    31 Indians
    5 Shield nickels & 8 V nickels
    Victorian Silver Match Case c.1880
    29 Gram 14k gold bracelet

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    My Favorite Finds of 2014

    Im new to this forum, so I didn't post these finds at the time I found them, but will add them now. My top find was my first and only gun found in over 30 years of detecting. It is an Iver Johnson Owls Head .32 cal revolver found on the site of an old drug store here in my home town. When I dug it I first came across large flakes of rusted tin or steel and then starting pulling up a rotted rag. The handgun was wrapped in the remains of the rag and had obviously been inside a metal box of some kind when buried, which had completely rusted away to flakes. I think this is the reason the gun was in as good of shape as it still is. the trigger and hammer mechanism is rusted solid, and the fully loaded cylinder had the rounds stuck and corroded to the cylinder and had to be driven out carefully. It was located in the area of the back office of the drug store, about 8 inches or so deep. I surmise it was in the floor or wall in a hiding place in the office area of the old building, which was only torn down in 1995, and ended up under ground during the demolition of the building.
    The second favorite find of mine was a copper good luck piece which I found on the site of an old country school, under a very large oak tree which due to its age, was probably there during the time the school was in operation. From the reading on my V3i, thought I possibly had a large cent, or a spent rifle casing. It was between 4 and 5 inches deep. With the condition, it must
    have been lost when it was brand new, since there is very little wear.

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    I had a lot of nice finds My two best finds were easy choices. Early in the year I found a Native American spear point (rat-tail) and my 2nd best find was a Silver War Store card from a Brewery (Jacob Best) this year but these two were far and away my favorites. Wisconsin Digger
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    Really hard to decide !! I would have to go with my 14th century seal matrix (found at the very end of 2014) and a silver celtic coin (Cubic Head Drachma from the Volques-Tectosages tribe) from 2nd century BC found this summer.

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