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Thread: Nicest Piece of silver in 35 years - Victorian Silver Match Safe

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    Nicest Piece of silver in 35 years - Victorian Silver Match Safe

    I went to check out a new spot yesterday and came up with what I think is my finest silver find in 35 years of detecting. Yes, I did find a sterling knee buckle last year that is more historically significant, but not nearly as beautiful as this piece. I was hunting a pounded school yard looking for what others missed and came up with more nickels (found 28 the day before) including a silver war nickel and the smallest silver medal I've ever seen. It started snowing and I wanted to give this new site a quick look. Only spent 15 minutes there, but it sure was worth it. Came up with this beautiful silver match case/safe. It's in remarkable condition with no dents and when I opened it up it looked almost new inside. Quite unusual for a ground find. My guess is it was made to be water resistant to protect the matches and it did it's job. I found the exact same piece for sale on ebay.

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    Wow Don what a stunning case , they do keep things pretty much air tight . My old hunting buddy found one with 4 paper trolley tickets still inside , they had to have been in there and in the ground for well over a 100 years. great piece Don !!
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    stunning! I always loved victorian era motiff's and this one is gorgeous!
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    That is a beautiful find. It looks like new. Great recovery
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    I would confidently say it is a keeper... Congrats on this beautiful find !

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    Holy ^%$#. That match safe is a stunner
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    What a sweet find, I really think it is gorgeous!
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    Wow, yours is in better shape than the ebay one! Congrats!

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    That is incredibly detailed! Beautiful find, that is immaculate!
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    Wish the ebay site was more informative. I knew the match case looked victorian and we all know when the victorian era was, but thats 49 year time frame. Nice case.

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    WoW, beautiful find.
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    Beautiful match safe and great recovery. Remarkable that you got it with no dents. Very impressive Ebay listing....cha ching
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    Wow!!!!!!! that is indeed a beauty for sure I've always wanted to find a solid sterling one myself but still haven't, I did find a silver plated one with the old matches still inside.

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