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Thread: Tips for use of Whites MXT please

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    Tips for use of Whites MXT please

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the hobby, I got a Whites MXT this past summer. I am really enjoying it, have found clad and an some wheats, and an Indian Head.
    I feel like over all, I'm a little overwhelmed by the machine. I get crazy readings bouncing all around, and sometimes have a hard time pinpointing.
    I have a few questions, any suggestions on settings for gain and elimination settings?
    Are the areas I'm searching really trashy or is this pretty normal?
    I have read about different coils, would you all suggest a DD coil for trashy areas? Any brands/models suggested?
    Thanks so much for all your time and input. I have a blast reading about all of your finds!
    ~Dan from PA
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    Dan , we have a couple of very good mxt users and i hope they will chime in soon , I know they do very well with them seen it first hand .

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    I used my MXT for five years before I bought my V3i and I've been using that since. The MXT is a super nice detector and you'll be surprised at just how deep that detector can find coins, great relic machine, I found a lot of gold rings and jewelry with mine too, sometimes I ponder on the idea of starting to use it again but the V3i has me spoiled because of the fantastic discrimination that I get from it. I used the D2 coil for the non trashy areas with my MXT, the 6x10 in the woods and the 4x6 in the really trashy areas.

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    Founds this thread in the Whites section of the Forum here. Review it and see if there is some help there.
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    Thanks for the input everyone! I appreciate it!

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