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Thread: 2015 Recipients of the Find of the Month

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    2015 Recipients of the Find of the Month

    These awards are bestowed upon the members voted to have the most remarkable, noteworthy, or rare find in each category during a given month. The following is a list of members who received the awards in 2015.

    Hiluxyota Iron Patch Pennsylvania Treasures
    1877 Carson City Seated Quarter Rev. War British Officer's 76th Button 1919 Gold Class Ring
    nalc472 Isaac milco fsa46
    1834 Capped Bust Dime War of 1812 era Officer's Button Vintage Mourning Locket 14k Gold Ring & Red Stone
    Bell-Two Digger Don Cheap Thrills lee
    1825 Capped Bust Half Dollar Harrison-Presidential-Log-Cabin-Campaign-Button Gold Signet Ring gold wedding band returned
    MangoAve & Mr.Digger Lee & MangoAve Fire Fighter 43
    1785 Nova Consellatio 1853 Trime Charlie Chaplin Token N.Y. Militia Belt Plate Silver Girl Scout Ring
    Johan K OxShoeDrew Sam
    1464 Gold Guilder Commemorative Washington Button 17th C. Stuart Crystal Button
    OxShoeDrew MangoAve alands94
    1787 Fugio Pennies 1858 Civil War Era Canteen Sterling Silver & Emerald Ring
    Lodge Scent OxShoeDrew Ill Digger
    1742 Spanish 1-Real Complete 1700's era Shoe Buckle 14k Gold Crucifix Ring
    don in ny Digger Don nalc472
    1871 Gold Half Sovereign Coin! Victorian era Lion Headed Buckle 1958 Gold Class Ring
    Taltahull Trooper Bri Pacivilwarluke
    1696 King William III Schilling Silver Fork with Jack-n-Jill Themed Characters 18th or 19th Century Signet/ Crest Ring
    Tony Two-Cent Pacivilwarluke Wisconsin digger
    1875 S Seated Half Dollar Civil War era South Carolina Militia Button 14k Glod Bracelet w/ 6 Gold Rings
    Johan k JdsCoins Pl8man
    Medieval Gold Coin 1910 U.S. Census Worker Badge 10K Gold & Diamond Ring
    Pacivilwarluke don in ny ODA 226
    1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent Victorian Silver Match Case WWI German Iron Cross Ring
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