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Thread: Good start for our season

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    Good start for our season

    My son Jeremiah aka. dime-o-mite, Freemindstuck, and I got out for our first good hunt of the season and popped a few goodies we thought we would share....havent figured out how to rotate the photos so sorry about that and thanks for taking a look!
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    Great hunt and neat collection of finds! Congrats on the silvers and the Indian.
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    Wow, really nice finds!

    I like the Walker a lot, and the Merc and Indian Head as well!

    The key is pretty cool too.

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    Nice mixed bag of goodies!
    I like a hunt like this. Old coins, nice relics, and of course some odd ball, random large chunks of iron. Love it.
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    Getting a WLH makes the hunt. The other goodies are nice also, great variety.
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    Thats a great variety of finds. Nice Walker, Merc & Indian.
    The skeleton key is cool as well. Congrats
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    I am a little jealous of the skeleton key. Nice score on the walker!
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