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Thread: Finally back in the woods!!! Flying eagle and barber dime

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    Finally back in the woods!!! Flying eagle and barber dime

    Saturday was my first day detecting in the woods since January. I had just gotten back from a week long trip to Phoenix, Arizona visiting family so I was anxious to start digging in the dirt. I headed out to place where a old home site used to be about 5 minutes away from my house. The place is almost impossible to access as it is filled with thorny briars. I managed to make my way in and was able to swing the coil a little bit. The place is also swampy making most of the finds very toasty. Anyways I got a midtone signal in the water about 4 inches deep and I dug down and after about 5 minutes managed to pull out a penny sized disk. This thing is toast!!! Fortunately the numbers 185 were preserved and I believe this to be my first ever Flying Eagle Cent. . I could be wrong though. Got some other relics... lantern parts, the usual stuff. On Tuesday I didn't have class until 2 pm so I headed out to a new cellar hole I found over the winter that according to the maps was gone by the 1870's. The cellar was a beauty but there was still some snow around it making some areas undetectable but I still had plenty of ground that was snow free. I got some signals in the spot where the barn was and pullet out some rivets and other brass items, the leather was still attached. I then moved away from the cellar hole and got a high tone 80-81 with some iron mixing in. Of course I dug and was surprised to see a silver disk in the hole. I see "One Dime" on the back and was thinking seated but alas it was a 1892 Barber. So close to my first ever seated! This was likely dropped by a hunter or someone exploring the abandoned home-site during the early part of the 1900's. I had to get going soon after but this was my oldest silver coin to date. Hopefully more goodies come out of that site as it looks like it hasn't been hit too hard. Today I went back to the place I got the likely flying eagle. No old coins, two memorials , but I did get some relics, old spoon, lantern part, part to a compact... all normal home site finds. I am so happy to be able to swing the detector in the woods without digging through snow. GL & HH!
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    Congrats on your new oldest silver! That poor flying eagle though... Ouch!! It's incrdible that part of the date is still legible though, the soil there must be awful. Good luck and HH!
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    Nice digs! I love that toasted cent. Usually it seems the date is the FIRST thing that goes on a toasty copper. I've never seen one with just the date.
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    Nicely done! Do 1859 Indians have a different date font than the earlier flying eagles? Congrats on the dime too!

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    Nice finds and whatever the 85 coin is I would be happy to find!
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    Nice barber and good to see you're able to start getting out again. It's been a long winter.

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    Great finds Jim, as other people said, you're super lucky to have the date still partially there.
    I <3 colonial relics!

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