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Thread: I'm at my whits end..F75 is acting crazy and I have no idea what it could be

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    I'm at my whits end..F75 is acting crazy and I have no idea what it could be

    I have had a great season last year with my fisher f75,i love it!! but,I went to use it today and it chatters and signals relentlessly,in the air on the ground,no targets around and when there are known targets,it doesn't pick up on them at all.I removed the coil.same issue,plugged it back in checked connection,no difference. I replaced the difference.I factory reset it, after the reset it went quiet all right,but wouldn't pick up any signal,till I fiddled wit the settings and again we were back to the relentless chatter.I switched the frequencies. I did not have my phone on me and i'm not around any wires or power sources out side.I put the detector away in the fall with the same settings that I always use so it had not been touched all winter..I'm at a total loss as to what could have gone wrong..any ideas?

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    Idk. There is one here who owns the F75 who had an issue with his coil. That is possibly the problem. If it's under warranty still, send it in to Texas first to have it checked out.

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    it still happens even when the coil is removed from the machine...the problem wit the warrantee is thay I bought it from a person in florida who got it as a gift and he already had one,it was new in the box,however it was purchased via a third party and warrantee wont cover it.idk if it even was ever warranteed and I cannot afford to send it in to fisher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by castletonking View Post
    it still happens even when the coil is removed from the machine...
    The fact the coil is removed doesn't mean the problem lies with the control box. Some on here already know, but I work at an electronics shop. Maybe not whites, but the stuff I see has more electronics to them. Anyway, if either the tx or rx coil being open is the problem it will still give the issue whether the coil is connected or not. There was another forum where the person had the bouncing issue and overloading and switched in the 5 inch and it worked fine. There was a mention about getting it wet even tho it is classified as waterproof and lifetime warranty on coil. But I don't have the warranty card to see if there is any mention of transferrability or other legalities. You can always try...

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    I can't help you diagnose the machine, but I will offer this.

    I recently purchased a detector from e-bay knowing it had a bad controlboard and display. I contacted First Texas and spoke to a very Customer Service oriented associate and explained that this would not be a warranty call and I was more than happy to pay out of pocket for repair. He said no problem and provided me with a return number. It cost me $17 to ship it to Texas. A week later I got a call from a gentleman ( Carlos as I recall ) stating the diagnosis was complete and the total charge to replace the controlboard, display and missing battery cover would be $25,,,(((( and that included the return shipping ))))). A few days later my machine arrived and worked like a charm.

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but I can attest that the service department will take care of you when there is a problem.
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    after calling fisher and explaining my issue,they could not make a determination without seeing it..fair enough.Then they also said we can't quote a price if it needs repair,also fair enough.However times being what they are I cannot afford to get a big bill,hell $100 is out of my do-ability at this point.I'm either gonna break open the head unit myself or offer it to the first $500 that comes my way..I paid $1200 a year and a half ago,the former owner had it less than a year and until march it worked perfect for me.

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    My partner runs the f75 and I run the T2 (almost the same thing), we both have experienced the same problem over the years. When we sent our machines to 1st Texas Felix (the guy who did the repairs) said he "shielded" the coil. Both our machines worked perfectly after that. It seems as though you need the same thing. It is a real drag when it happens because no target sounds good. I hope you get it ironed out.
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