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Thread: AT Pro or MXT?

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    AT Pro or MXT?

    Thinking about buying my first detector and like these two.

    Any recommendations or insights?


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    I use the ATPro and personally I believe its a great choice for a first detector they are easy to learn and amazing in detection! Best of Luck and Happy Hunting!

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll be detecting in NY, Conn, Mass, and NJ. I'll also likely will want to detect beaches on Long Island as well.

    I've read that the dirt strata in New England is slow sink, so older items shouldn't be too far down. Do I have that right?

    Also- wondering in anyone knows a good 'First hunting ground' closest to NYC area?

    Thanks again. I've been researching a bit for the last week or so, but there's a tremendous amount of information out there. I'd like to make a selection on machine and get that ordered within a week or so though. First step.

    This has been helpful as well:

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