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Thread: Mediocre 10 days but still managed some decent finds

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    Mediocre 10 days but still managed some decent finds

    I've been doing a lot of detecting lately but not making a lot of quality finds. What am I going to say though? Its not every day you go out and dig a bunch of once in a lifetime finds. You just gotta keep pushing and eventually the tables will turn back in your favor. On Thursday April 23 I headed back for a short hunt to the buckle cellar hole. Before that I checked out an extremely small roadside cellar hole (easy to miss if you weren't looking) right next to where I park. Its not on any maps either which is strange for a roadside. Place was pounded but scored a complete tombac button and small cuff button that broke in my hands . Anyway I made the long hike up the hill to the buckle cellar and tried the area near the swamp where all the buckles were. Not many signals but got a choppy high tone with iron mixed in right under a massive rock. I almost didn't dig the signal but I decided to anyway. I dug under the rock and was surprised to pull out a copper. Its an 1818 matron, my 6th copper of the year and 3rd from that site. A little while later I got a nice high tone and pulled out a folded over copper disk. Unfortunately it was just a button as the you could see the shank inside despite it being bent but I wasn't complaining. On Friday I went to a local park for an hour or two and found a flat button and buffalo nickel lying on the surface. At first I thought maybe another detectorist had dropped them but the area had tons of old glass and pottery. It was right next to a Victorian home and apparently there used to be older homes in the area. On Saturday I went to an 1876 house that is going to be torn down soon. My father is friends with the contractor that is responsible for tearing down the house so that's how I got that permission. Apparently the previous owner of the house had a detector and found a gold watch winder, gold diamond ring, and a "bunch of them Indians" (quote from the neighbor). Well the previous owner missed some stuff as I got 9 wheat pennies, 1939 mercury dime, war nickel, sterling silver spoon piece (my first), and some Victorian relics. I'll probably make a return trip there before the house is torn down because I did not cover the entire yard. On Sunday I cellar hunted all morning finding only a dandy button and then headed to an 1836 house (colonial house was there before and had burned down and was rebuilt in 1836) with high hopes but the ground was simply moved around too much to find anything decent. Apparently there is a gold ring that was lost in the 1960's on the property so next time I go back there I will try to find that. The next week found nothing noteworthy, few relics, some early wheats but I did score my 4th indian head penny of the year in a local park that I've found 11 silvers in. Its bent though but still a nice find cause I don't find Indians that often. The coins from the 1880's but I can't tell a particular date. Hopefully the coming weeks are better for me. Hope to see many of you at the group hunt tomorrow! GL and HH Name:  IMG_6048.jpg
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    It's still a nice group of finds. Just not as big as you hoped. See you in the morning
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    Nothing wrong with those digs!
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    Well that is a good number of finds you did well!
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    I think those are some great finds! Love the largie! See ya tomorrow!
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    It was nice to meet you today. Nice early coronet, I'd love to dig one of those every 10 days
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    Nice LC and that victorian piece with the flower pattern in the middle. At least you got a few pieces of silver too.

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    Some nice finds, silver, copper, wheat's, buff, not to shabby. I read that the spoon piece is your first, hope your luckier than me and get a complete on soon.
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    looks like you found a Victorian sash buckle.
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    Congrats on some nice finds. You put it well in regard to amassing a few finds here and there, slowly, but steadily. That's usually the case. Love the Victorian piece.

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