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Thread: Spring digs with freemindstuck and driftwood1963

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    Spring digs with freemindstuck and driftwood1963

    My Spring finds have proven worthy so thought I would post up for my first time here on the american detectorist.
    Hunt most of the time with my friend freemindstuck and my dad driftwood1963.
    Name:  IMG_20150528_174707556_HDR.jpg
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    The three of us have popped some goodies this season and I hope our luck continues!
    Thanks for looking and get out there and

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    WOW! That lock has GOT to be the best one I have ever seen! It is simply beautiful. The old race car is a real classic too. Congrats on all your finds and HH, Dave.
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    I agree with Dave. WOW. You have found some really awesome stuff so far this year.

    The crotel bell & lock are great finds. Oh yeah, and the silver too

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    great finds in my book ! the "horseshoe" lock is a very cool relic and the petal bell is a super example , is there any numbers or initials on the bottom that may date it??
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    You made some nice finds. That lock has to be the nicest one I've ever seen come out of the ground.
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    thanks, and I could not find any numbers or initials to date it.

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    Where to start? So many great finds! Coins, relics, jewelry and even an old toy car. I've never seen a padlock like that one. Very cool!

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    Love the crotal and the lock and key,looks like you have a land and speed car there also, dag gone crotal is neat,vanzutphen

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    Your finds have me drooling. Love that lock, crotal bell, key and that toy car is fantastic.
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