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Thread: Just some relics I'm a little bit proud of

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    Just some relics I'm a little bit proud of

    Most of the relics have been through an electrolysis bath. Some have been donated to local museums. One of the relics is a bit difficult to see the writing on but it says ACL which is Atlantic Coastline Railroad and on the other side it says "Oviedo, FL" which is where I live. It's a lead luggage car seal tag. The other relics should be pretty self explanatory. I love the cobbler hammer though, dated to late 1800's early 1900's.
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    Nice to find artifacts that can be directly associated with items or events of local historical significance. I do like that hammer !
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    I like the hammer too, and it cleaned up very nicely with electrolysis.
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    Yes I too like the hammer, relics are really interesting.
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    ...and nice job with the pictures too.
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    Looks like a civil war cobblers hammer head,vanzutphen

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    That's a cool hammer! What's the size on that saw blade?
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