I haven't had much luck detecting lately, found a few cellar holes not on the maps but people had already beat me to them. Still pulled out some buttons, shoe buckle fragments, and the usual stuff. Finally my luck changed on Tuesday when I headed over to the Cape cod area where Pacivilwarluke was staying to hit an 1814 house before heading over to Rhode Island to do some cellar hunting. The 1814 house was owned by a Pastor and was located right next to an historic church. Me, Luke, his dad, and Luke's friend all started swinging. My first decent target turned out to be a weird brass relic. A little while later I got a high 70's low 80's signal and pull out what I thought was a clad quarter. After wiping it off I noticed it wasn't a clad quarter its actually an 1851 Italian States "Tornesi due", a very strange find for here. My next good target was a silver thimble only two inches deep right next to a walkway. No markings of "sterling" but its definitely silver. Very cool find. I dug a merc and an indian and then Luke gets a copper. It was matron head large cent. Great find Luke! We then moved to a different area where Luke's dad got a silver Washington quarter. I also dug a strange buckle marked "Boston MPco" on one side and "France on the other side. Luke's friend got some clad and a few wheats. After lunch we moved on to Rhode Island to hit some colonial cellar holes. The one we were trying to get to turned out to be too deep in the woods so we hit a cellar I had hit before once and found nothing in an hour. Well, all I got there was a musket ball but Luke, his friend, and his dad all pulled buttons, most of them were very close to the cellar hole and apparently rang up very strong on the machines. Luke's dad also got two thimbles. We went to another cellar but didn't stay long as we were all exhausted. We made the long hike back and looked at all our finds before going our separate ways. Very fun day. Thanks for letting me tag along at the house. Hopefully you can come back here sometime and we can hunt some more cellar holes. Overall we all made good finds. The bad news is I have to return the thimble to the church. Apparently the church administrators were not happy with the pastor letting us keep the finds and they especially were fond of the thimble. We were also banned from every detecting anywhere near there again. Oh well, people have to ruin everything. HH.
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