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    i like gold ,and i had heard some famous detector brands,but for the first time ,i just want to buy a cheaper one .i see some guys talk about metel detector of detectorall ,how about models on the site ?

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    We all like gold. lol. What exactly are you looking for, tho? That might help to define the parameters your detector needs to meet. Gold coins are very rare. But gold flakes like prospecting you definitely need to look for a machine that's above 20kHz frequency, 22kHz, 50kHz, ect.

    Rings are prob more plentiful as they can be in yards and parks while the prospecting gold is only in certain areas. Will you be using it for coins as well? Coins, relics, jewelry you can have a machine with the lower frequencies which will work better. most single frequency detectors are around 6-8kHz range. All entry level detectors are single frequency, but not vice versa. I have not purchased from the Detectorall site so I cannot say anything about what they carry. One tho looks exactly like the Garrett Ace 250 with similar specs, but it takes a two more batteries and there is a LCD backlight feature which the 250 does not have. The majority of the others on the site look like they have an analog meter. I'd prefer a digital vdi number. There's a site sponsor that carries detectors. There is also kellyco and sites to check.
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