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Thread: Second Trip Out, First Coins & Toys Found

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    Second Trip Out, First Coins & Toys Found

    Here's a short video of my second ever trip out with my Garrett Ace 250. I discriminated against a lot of iron signals so reduced my trash a lot and found my first coins along with some undamaged cork top bottles and a nice lead toy aeroplane. The video is clips of most of my finds with a combination clip at the end, I hope you like it and feel free to comment or subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to keep up to date as I progress with my detecting, cheers.

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    I love the airplane! Any idea at all on the age of the coins? And what part of the world are you detecting in?
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    My friend said the coins weren't anything of value and are quite pitted, not sure about the aeroplane and I detect in the UK but thought I'd share the detecting love about

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    I agree the airplane is a cool find and I like the ink bottles as well! Thanks for sharing!
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