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Thread: Barber Dime And A Rare 1914D Wheat Cent (Original Post 10-21-2007)

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    Barber Dime And A Rare 1914D Wheat Cent (Original Post 10-21-2007)

    If you ever get to the Front Range area of Northern Colorado there is one thing you should definitely experience. That would be the view of the sunrise on the Rocky Mountains from Johnsonís Corner restaurant as you eat breakfast. Just a little south of Loveland, Colorado along I-25 is one of the best breakfasts to be had. Thatís exactly where my wife and I were Saturday morning around 6:00 am. As part of a birthday gift my wife agreed to spend the day detecting with me. Our plan was to bounce across the plains from farm town to farm town doing a little recon and detecting when it felt right. The trip would end up in Golden, Colorado for a visit to my local metal detecting store (Gold-N-Detectors) and another meal. After finishing a big plate of ham and eggs we were on our way. Our first stop was a very small town with a 120-year-old city park at its center. Now I expected a place like this to be heavily hunted. Boy was I wrong! By the amount clad in the park this hadnít been hunted recently. We were about 15 minutes into the hunt and I received a solid 81 VDI hit that clipped just a bit in one direction of the swing. It pinpointed to around 4 inches. I expected a small clad coin spill at that shallow of depth. I cut a small horseshoe and a small silver coin soon appeared. I could read the words ďONE DIMEĒ and knew I had an older dime. The head side was covered in mud but after a couple of shakes I could see I had my first Barber Dime. My wife had her camera out and took a picture of the find.

    I seem to have good luck under older Spruce trees. This was a relatively shallow find. I think the roots of the trees keep the coins near to the surface. My 3 oldest coins have been under spruce trees and not to deep.

    My first Barber Dime Ė 1904 :tumble:

    Later in the same little park I dug my most valuable coin to date. A key date Wheatie. This one was about 7 inches deep. I didn't know what I had until I got home later that day.

    What a great Fall day. I will be going back to spend a lot more time hunting the small park in the little farm town. The beauty of the Rocky Mountains brings with it another less enjoyable thing however. The weather changes quickly here. It is snowing as I write this post!

    Keep Swing'in
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    Congrats! Keep your coil to the soil!!

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