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Thread: Finally some silvers

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    Finally some silvers

    Got out for about two hours today. Right after this post I'm off to work for a delivery, isn't life grand

    Went to the house where I had previously gotten an early militia eagle hat plate. Well nothing that good this time but I did manage some keepers.

    The silvers are a 1935 Washington, 1959 Washington, and a 1944 Merc. The 1935 is my earliest Washington.
    Also got 4 wheats with the earliest being 1919.

    Managed to also get my earliest dog tax license.....1907 from my town.

    Thanks for reading and HH everybody.

    We should be slowing down at work shortly so I'll be able to start reading about everybody's great finds.
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    Way to go, Al!

    That 1935 Washington is a nice one. It doesn't have much wear on it at all. It must have been dropped in 1935 or thereabouts.

    The 1907 dog tag is way cool too!

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    Always nice to find multiple silvers and 2 of them are quarters! Very nice!
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    That's a nice bunch of keepers,,, AWESOME!!
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    Very nice Al... I really love that dog tag too!

    Good to see you getting out!
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    Great stuff Al and on a pretty short hunt too .

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    Excellent job, and 2 quarters to boot! Congrats.

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    Great stuff! The dog tag is way cool, and the coins all look to be in great shape!
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    Love finding those dog tags. Congrats on the silver as well.

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    Nice job on all the Silver, but I really like the dog tag. Very Cool.
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    Nice to see Al finally getting out. I haven't seen too much of you on here this season. Good score with the silvers.

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    You know I love my dog tags......I think that is the earliest one I've seen!
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    Yep...I just earliest is 1911. You got me beat

    Doesn't everyone keep a display of their old found dog tags in their office
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    That's a nice hunt. I know digger Don had an old one but that may be the oldest I seen. I believe mine is 1927. Great hunt WD
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    Great hunt Al, congrats on the silver and I really like the old dog tag.
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    Nice silver. That is one old dog tag! WTG!!!!
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