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Thread: Death of a Battery - Updated

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    Death of a Battery - Updated

    Well it finally happened. Around three years ago I made a post

    I ordered the AW-2200 back then and it has worked every day since then. But alas, all good things must come to an died. Won't recharge... Last couple of outings it only lasted 4 hours where in the past I was able to get about 8 hours from a charge.

    So today I ordered the HP-3100 from RNB Innovations. I was able to talk to Joe who I am assuming is the owner and founder. He made mention that I was only the second person he has spoken to that had this problem. Well not really a problem but amazed at how long this battery had lasted. In the time since I had made that purchase there has been the HP-2900 and now the HP-3100. On his website it states that the HP-3100 will last for days once charged. I asked him about that and he said no problem going 12 hours straight.

    Very nice guy, I am getting a charger free of charge, just in case its the charger that has the problem.

    Once I get this battery I'll update as to how long it lasts.
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