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Thread: Display at local library

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    Display at local library

    Was approached by the head of our local library and put this together.
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    That's a really nice display!

    You should ask your local detector shop for a commission on the increased sales because of it!
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    Wow , Leslie , that's a real work of love there . I'll bet a whole lot of folks are getting a lot of enjoyment
    out of seeing all your finds and articles . I'd also bet there's more than a few kids and adults that are going to be inspired to take up metal detecting . That is truly a positive representation of our hobby. Nice work Leslie .

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    That looks like an awesome display. Great job. Got any closeup pics?
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    Very impressive.......nice work!

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    Nice collection. Must be a proud moment!
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    Nice display! Cannot tell by picture, but I bet there are some great finds!! Way to go!!

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