I am currently using a V3i and still having trouble getting depth with the Oregon soil. I don't know if theres any advice for a newbie, I have been using the c & j + 70 program and its been working alright but no matter what I tweak and how I play with it I don't get a ton of depth. the ground turns my signals to crap and makes them disappear after about 4 inches or so, I had this same problem with my AT pro. Besides having to deal with the crappy soil does anyone have any pointers for me to try to gain some depth? also I feel like since I run my rx gain up and run a little hot to try to get depth my pinpointing has a hard time locking in on a spot or it is off quite a bit, any advice on getting more accurate pin pointing? I hunt for coins mainly and jewelry. I have been trying to do some research but I'm still trying to figure out my machine. I normally use 7.5 band is that decent for highly mineralized soil? I have read 5 band can get a little deeper, anyway any advice would be great and I appreciate all the help!