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Thread: Huntiing in Oregon with the V3i

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    Huntiing in Oregon with the V3i

    I am currently using a V3i and still having trouble getting depth with the Oregon soil. I don't know if theres any advice for a newbie, I have been using the c & j + 70 program and its been working alright but no matter what I tweak and how I play with it I don't get a ton of depth. the ground turns my signals to crap and makes them disappear after about 4 inches or so, I had this same problem with my AT pro. Besides having to deal with the crappy soil does anyone have any pointers for me to try to gain some depth? also I feel like since I run my rx gain up and run a little hot to try to get depth my pinpointing has a hard time locking in on a spot or it is off quite a bit, any advice on getting more accurate pin pointing? I hunt for coins mainly and jewelry. I have been trying to do some research but I'm still trying to figure out my machine. I normally use 7.5 band is that decent for highly mineralized soil? I have read 5 band can get a little deeper, anyway any advice would be great and I appreciate all the help!

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    Have you adjusted the filters? How far down are you accepting. Make sure you reject +95. Are you running the right coil setting? Are you hitting parks, woods, beach?
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    I have adjusted the filters I am accepting down about 4-5 inches accurate from there its hit or miss depending on if its rained or not, so weird the soil here is lame. I am thinking I am gonna play with the 5 band filter and maybe do a single frequency. I rejected 95 and am running the right coil settings. right now i hit mainly schools and parks while I do research and try to get permission on some properties. I have a farm I hunt every once in awhile thats a hour away so its not super common I go there. I think i need to just do a lil tweaking once i get to each site and burry a coin or two and play with my settings till it reads better. I think were i lack is what to adjust if its a non trashy or noisy area versus a trashy area I kind of keep everything the same. Also i can't decide if auto track or lock trac is better for me so any opinions on that would be great too.

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    Where in or are you hunnting. I am in vancouver.

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    Thought you needed some help. The settings that I use for my V3i is: RX 2, AM 65, and DX at 85. I run in the 5 band.
    The reason you do not want to run your RX very high is due to the mineralization of the ground. Not only that
    iron is used on the grass to keep it greener longer so as to not use as much water. If you use your RX very hot you will get
    the mineralization to blare at you and then you will not see the treasure. I can see dimes down to about 9 inches.
    I have set up several programs that I use in different areas. This way all I have to do is turn on and go. Best way is to make a test garden and
    and put a few coins and jewelry in it and see how the detector responds. This way you can set it up to your liking. Also there is a wealth of info
    on this forum that will help you a lot, as it did me when I first got started. Hope this helps.

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    If you haven't already.... You might want to look this over....
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