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Thread: My relic room museum--pics corrected now

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    My relic room museum--pics corrected now

    Thought I might post this here since it said storage of finds as well. Here's my relic room so far. This is about 8 years of detecting. I want to put up old panelling in the room and make it look like you just walked into an old cabin. I have access to some, I just have to go and get it.
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    Those are some wonderful displays, Barry!

    I wish I had a space like that to display all of my finds. You have amassed quite a collection in 8 years!

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    Wow that IS a museum! Very cool!
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    (probably should have started with that one)

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    That's Awesome!
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    Wow , that's an incredible room full of memories .Welcome to the forum .

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    very nice indeed!!
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    Gotta respect a man who loves his "cuda" , very nice man-cave Barry !!
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    WOW, super cool display room! I may have to look into something like this eventually. Well done-you may have to start charging admission soon.
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    Now that is Awesome
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    Awesome love the classic Stonewall Jackson portrait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Gotta respect a man who loves his "cuda" , very nice man-cave Barry !!
    Oh I DEFINITELY love my Cudas. I've had four now. My current 73 show car is the nicest so far.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I love showing it to folks who can actually appreciate it.
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    Excellent job on the way you have your treasures displayed!

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    Yes, very nice. Welcome to the forum.

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    That is quite impressive. Love seeing displays and hopefully someday my meager finds will have a display like that.
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    Very nice display and collection!

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    Nice. That's a lot of time there, in two ways. Every time I go through West Virginia it crosses my mind that people back in the day were made of different stuff. Couldn't imagine having to walk it.

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