I was cruising around YouTube. Going through some of the people I subscribe to, older videos. This cabin fever has me getting my metal detecting fix via YouTube!
One really caught my attention. It's by a fella that goes by "MOWERDOG". He makes a inexpensive, homemade screen protector out of a shrink wrap bag! It seemed so simple, easy, and inexpensive, I had to try it! So I did! And it was just as simple as it looked!

I have to share!
First you need the shrink wrap bags. I found some online, 25 for $3.00. The shipping cost more than the bags did! They're a 8x12 PVC shrink wrap bag. Make sure you get PVC bags , DO NOT get POS bags.
Once you have your bags all you'll need is a pair of scissors, some clear packing tape, and use of a heat gun.


(This description is on a Minelab ETrac. Application will be a little different on different machines.)
Step 1. Cut a bag about 8 inches long.
Step 2. Slide the bag over the screen. Pull it on as far as it will go.
Step 3. Flip the detector over, pull the two sides of the bag together. (They should touch or even overlap a little.) Now tape the two edges together.
Step 4. Flip the detector back over. Make sure the bag is lined up evenly side to side. (Any excess material below the screen can be slid up towards the screen.)
Step 5. Use the heat gun to shrink the bag around the unit!

The heat gun I used only had a high and a low setting. I did one on high and one on low. High seemed to work better. But you can melt a hole through it pretty easily on high if you consintrate the heat in one place for too long. If you like to change out coils often and some of the bag covers the cam lock, all you have to do is trim off the piece of the bag that's covering the lever.

Really easy! And looks good.
GL & HH!