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Thread: Schenkl Shell-Civil War Relic-2.27.16

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    Schenkl Shell-Civil War Relic-2.27.16

    It was a normal day besides digging the shell. Nothing else much to note. This location has seen decades of relic hunting.

    I used the White's V3, Gain 4, Single 7.5kHz Frequency, 10Hz Band, in Relic Mode with ground tracking locked. It was over a foot in the ground and rang up as a solid high tone, probably due to both large iron objects laying on top of each other in the hole.

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    Awesome find!
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    Excuse my ignorance (you'll get used to it if you hang around long enough )...but what type of shell is that? That come out of a canon? EDIT: oh okay, I just googled it....that is a very historic find! Was there a battle at that site? Congrats!
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    That thing is fantastic! I think I said so on another forum....but it cant be said enough.

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