Notice a very important attribute of my newly updated F75 LTD.

air test:

All prior owned F75 had basically the same ID number scheme.
Both clad and silver dimes read almost exactly the same
Both clad quarters and silver quarters did the same.

Now for the newly updated LTD.

Clad dime 70-71 silver dime 73-76

Clad quarter 80-81 silver quarter 84-87

The comparisons also go for the clad and silver halves.

This is a fantastic difference.

I might note in my test garden I have a very small copper rivet the size of a pencil eraser end, buried at 7" deep, (well it was 7" deep several years ago".
My machine, with stock 11" DD coil can easily detect and give a good audio report on this tiny target in boost mode, sensitivity 0, discrimination 0.
With DST enabled or not it still responds to this small target.