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Thread: Are woodchip/gravelstone totlots going bye-bye?

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    Are woodchip/gravelstone totlots going bye-bye?

    Went out coin hunting to 2 city parks I haven't been to in a few years (play areas re-modeled) and also to 2 schools that were totally rebuilt and their play areas were also re-done. At one of the schools, they had cut the play area equipment to almost half of what it had been, and covered up the natural dirt ground that was under the play equipment with that rubberized stuff.

    What is the deal with the hard foam or shredded up melted tires in the play areas?????

    Woodchips or the gravelstones were FINE in the play areas. If someone falls, the woodchips or stones have some give and cushion their fall. If you fall on this rubberized hard areas you might as well use concrete. Besides----if you accidentally drop something on this hard foam or melted tire areas, it can be seen right away and the item will get picked up---bad for us who metal detect.

    In woodchips or gravelstones the item sinks and is rarely found right on the surface.This is good for us metal detectorists to find it.....hours, days, weeks or months later.

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    A couple towns over the city park replaced the ceder wood chips with shredded tires? Maybe something to do with it floating away in the spring rains? I see a little further down in civilization they used rubber matting over hard packed soil? I have no idea who comes up with these SAFETY ideas.

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    I have seen the new multicolored rubber to lots. Very popular lately in my area. They are very spongy and i would guess just another attempt dy the safety nazis to bubble wrap the kids and possibly avoid lawsuits.
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    I could see where the padded rubber would cut back on park maintenance but as far as safty?
    Bubble wrapped kids. lol. Kids arnt kids if they cant come home with a little bump or a scratch from time to time.
    Two of the parks I hunt have signs that read "Enter at own risk & be out by sunset." I dont go into the city to often.

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    I cannot believe they are using nasty shredded tires for kids to play on, cancer causing materials due to oil origin, dirty, wood chips is the best for sure. Cheap and replaceable.

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    When I was a kid all our playgrounds were made of concrete and steel! If you fell it was just too bad. And you better not being crying about it either. No one gave us hugs and told us our feelings mattered.
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