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    A little double rainbow action. It was a beautiful day today. Driftwood1963 got a permission at a very promising yard in a nearby town. I came across several shallow high tones signals and of course scratched the only one that was anything good. I joked with Driftwood that I might have to change my handle from freemindstuck to freemindstruck.
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    Pretty much everything in my pouch. I only dug one coin today.
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    Thanks for looking!

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    Great find on that half! Congrats

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    Is it me or is there a "AM" on the front of that coin next to the HUGE gouge from your lesche?!?!

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    Congrats on a sweet Barber Half!

    Quote Originally Posted by driftwood1963 View Post
    Is it me or is there a "AM" on the front of that coin next to the HUGE gouge from your lesche?!?!
    I think there might be another letter in front of the "AM"...maybe "SAM"?
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    Great find. ( p.s. I think Sam's looking for his half dollar).

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    Congrats on the Barber half! The old lock is a cool find too.
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    congrats on the barber half , that sash buckle sure has a lot of gold gilt on it !!
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    Nice Barber 1/2. With the initials already on it I wouldn't sweat your scratch.
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    Congrats on the half and the nice old lock, WTG.

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