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    Fisher F19

    How many on this forum is using a Fisher F19 - what type of detecting are you using it for and how well is it performing & producing for you?
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    I know this is an older post... but I've got a newly purchased G2+. I took it out yesterday for a short hunt, my third with it and found, along with a bunch of aluminum, some clad... a men's thin 14k gold wedding band. I picked up the G2+ because I noticed a big drop in my "gold finds" with my ETrac. Initially, I sold my XTerra 705 to move up. First a new Deus, which didn't click with me at all, after 4 months, I found I was digging way too much iron. Then I traded the Deus for an equally new ETrac... and sorry, I much more preferred the Minelab but the lack of any gold finds with it, couldn't, seemingly, be more noticeable to me. That was one thing, the XTerra 705 with the 18.75khz coil found gold items, much more regularly. So now, with the 19khz G2+, if yesterday is any indicator... it'll be a better year for gold.

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