Was excited as I had the chance to use my birthday present on my birthday...my new coil for the pro which set Hunny Bunny back $208. When the pro is working it is a great machine.
Hit a school field and the Pro worked great for ...3 minutes then shut off. Checked the connections, batteries and even going so far as to try a new battery holder and batteries. Again worked for about 2 minutes then started chattering...turned her off reset...worked okay for another 2 minutes then went into a "wailing" mode. CANNOT TELL YOU HOW PO'ED I AM!
This Pro has been back 5 times already for everything from leaking, water in the lcd display area to the machine posts breaking off and most recently a new circut board.. With the price of this new coil (which is suppose to be water proof and I never take in the water due to leakage issues from earlier experiences never sees the water), repair costs and shipping I am sure I have surpassed the original price of when I brought it new. Oh forgot to mention about how the coil always loosens which I had mentioned to Garrett many times and even the previous coil would not screw flush like the headphone connector.
Finished the dig off with a Freedom 3 Plus in a very foul mood! Here is a machine made at Garrett over 20 years ago when Garrett turned out quality products. I'm Sure Charlie Garrett would roll in his grave with his factory producing machines of the present day quality.
Having been a Garrett only swinger for 45 years I fell that I have the right to complain and complain loudly. Some would say I misuse the machines...have really old Garretts that still work....some would say it's just a lemon....well its been in enough times to be repaired its virtually a new machine thus would could infer the workmanship of the repairs was substandard or the parts.
Garrett thanks for ruining my birthday!
Will let you know how Garrett customer service responds.....................have seriously started looking at other manufactures of detectors. Last thing I need is to cross the big pond on the yearly UK trip and have a machine crap out like the Pro did on the Dominican trip!
Turned it on once at home and guess what....worked for 2 minutes!