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Thread: AD Banner Criteria .

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    AD Banner Criteria .

    The American Detectorist finds banner up top is for all registered members . The rules to have your finds to be even considered for display are as listed.

    1) Only member finds can be displayed on the banner. Oftentimes posts are made where a member will include a photo of a find made by a friend or a family member, but if the individual who made the find is not a forum member the find cannot be considered for nomination.

    2) Post of finds where only a video is posted will not be considered unless a photo of the find is also included in the post.

    3) When nominating a find or group of finds please ensure that a relatively good photo of the coin, relic, or jewelry has been posted. If the photo has been overly cropped, is out of focus, or is too dark to make out details, it will not be added to the banner.

    4) A find posted in the current month but made in a previous month can be nominated for the banner but in such a case the find will not be considered for the monthly best find award. Finds should be specified when they were found especially in the beginning of a new month otherwise they again may miss FOTM consideration.

    5) Finds being considered for nomination need not be rare nor highly valuable, but in general there has to be eye-appeal. Most copper coins can be nominated but the coin should not be so badly corroded as to detract from its appeal. Exceptions can be made in the cases of rare or early-year copper coins. Unusual but not necessarily rare tavern and store tokens can be considered. Most Walking Liberty and Franklin half dollars can also be nominated as long as the photos are of good quality and relatively detailed. The aim is to display on the banner items most members would consider to be a great find even if the find is not one we would consider for the monthly best find award. That is a separate selection process.

    These rules are subjected to revision in the future.

    AD Staff
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