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Thread: Our Clubs Weekend Report - The Relic Rangers "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!"

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    Our Clubs Weekend Report - The Relic Rangers "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining!"

    Hello Everyone at AD,

    Here's my weekend report: Well, we are on our way to getting our 2 feet of rain for the month here, so getting out and detecting has been spotty... Hence our title for episode seven, "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining". Our club detected several old towns here in the Pacific Northwest and received several yard permissions. We were even able to get permissions to hunt several old homesteads and a even a old historical home/museum. We located some silver coins, relics and rare military pins and badges. We could really use some help identifying some of our relics too.

    I've posted the video and hope someone here can help identify some of the items found. The video includes an old WW1 WAR MERCHANT SHIP BUILDERS pin in excellent condition.

    That's it for now.. Happy hunting everyone!


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    Nice relics and coins. That badge is a foreman's badge. What was the shipbuilding facility out in WA during WWI? Did you research that part?
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    Thank you! Yes, apparently they (military) built ships out of Grays Harbor (Washington State). Is there an article anywhere or any information about the foreman badge? Thanks again!

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    I like the Canadian Largie!

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    Great group of finds. That foreman badge is fantastic, never seen one. Silver thimble also....
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