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Thread: December silver and treasures

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    December silver and treasures

    Here are a few pics of my finds over the last couple weeks. Now that the snow and cold has arrived I am thinking this might be it for the year but it has been an awesome year for me! I have found a silver coin every month in 2016 which I might not ever do again living in Michigan.

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    The French coin is made out of Aluminum Bronze and is dated 1921. The Bale seal has "B&O" on one side which I assume is for the rail road line?

    The barber dime is a 1916 S. My first S mint mark barber. Barbers were minted in San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia and New Orleans and this year I have found a barber dime from each of those locations which I think is kinda cool.

    Well stay warm and hopefully the weather will change so I can get out once more this year.

    Thanks for looking.
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    If your detecting season is over then that is certainly a great way to end the year Bucknut !I like the bracelet
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    Great finds and yes I agree I think we are done but it was a great year once again. Great finds on the year. You can claim that as a new grand slam. Four different mints. Job well done WD
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    Congrats Jared on a great year! It's going to bring tough at best getting out before spring now the deep freeze has set in. But at least you've had quite a few great scores this year. Your silver count is awesome, far more than I'll likely ever see in my area especially since all the best areas have been picked clean long before I started detecting.
    Only got 1 Barber this year, only due to digging really crappy signals and getting lucky. So you are very fortunate indeed to have great hunting grounds. So GL&HH for 2017!
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    Wonderful year for you Jared! You've certainly found many more silver coins than I have. Start searching for those long gone homesites out in the cornfields next year and I'm sure you'll keep your luck going. HH!

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    Really great finds. Congrats!
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