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Thread: *Live Hand Grenade....and more! -- WW2 Relics Germany

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    Cool *Live Hand Grenade....and more! -- WW2 Relics Germany

    I recently did some relic hunting in eastern Germany right along the border to Poland. There are many old army foxholes around the forest so I decided to buy a metal detector. I ordered a Garrett Ace 150 from Amazon and had it delivered to my Mother in Laws house. I would never have imagined how many WW2 relics are just lying around. Is it safe to be digging this stuff up? Probably not. But I had fun anyway. I think I'll try coin shooting around the ol' farm house next time if the farmer lets me!

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    Those are some cool finds, but did you contact the EOD to dispose of those properly? Just because it's been outside for 70+ years they are still dangerous. Lots of WWII non-lethal relics still to be found though.
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    yeah dangerous! man seems like some serious risk involed like your life. I bet that 50 cal shell would still fire and maybe the grenade too.
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