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Thread: Hi-New here and new detectors in Maine

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    Hi-New here and new detectors in Maine

    What are your thoughts about the Teknetics Treasuretek basic M.D., no pin point. Beginner unit. Thank you.

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    Hi: Ralph again for update--I'm planning to get the Teknetics Eurotek Pro in the near future. Will let group know when I get it. Hope within the next two months. Then the real fun begins. Got several I want to try. Very high people places.

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    I never saw the Treasuretek. Must be one only made for Cabela's. It has a pinpoint feature. It looks almost like the Land Ranger, which Teknetics is part of Texas first. Might be good enough having the DD.

    I saw the other thread (as I missed most of early Jan's posts). I might think to sell my bounty hunter time ranger with the Nel sharpshooter coil. The one thing going for it, is that is isn't as susceptible to emi like the TreasurePro is. Thinking to pick up the MX sport as a new machine after selling the BH.. and I might get to try it before I buy it.

    Good luck. Don't exclude the T2 model as a choice. It looks good. I was even thinking for the Delta 4000 for the gf's beginner machine as it has real good depth and a few decent features.
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