Most people don't use the sizing or polar plot ... but this is how I utilize the trigger forward. Under the analysis option the the expert menu, it gives you the option to change the analysis screen. I changed mine to spectagraph. Now why would I change the analysis screen to the same thing the search screen is? Under the analysis, there is an option to uncheck match search. If you uncheck it, it then gives you the option to change the ground filter hz, the sat, and the recovery delay so your analysis screen has different settings. The reason I do this in my coin and jewelry mode is so that if I am hunting a trashed up park and I get an iffy signal, or if I want a different opinion of whats under my coil, I can simply flip my switch forward. Sure, I could fumble around and go into a different search mode, but this is so much easier. And if, for say, I am hunting a park with trash and I come across a clean part, I can flip the trigger forward and hunt different. You can even set your search screen to consistency and your analysis screen to intensity.

This is how I run my coin and jewelry mode:

Hz= 10 high

Hz=5 high

Just an idea I wanted to share ... happy hunting