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Thread: Passing of Pokie

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    Passing of Pokie

    I recently heard from my wife that she seen on Facebook that Dennis Bennett passed away. The rest of the forum knew him as Pokie73.
    I thought I'd let the membership here know.
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    He was a regular for a while here , I'm very saddened to hear of this Tim ! Thanks for the news .
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    I knew that he had a lot of health problems. He posted quite a bit here back in the day. Very sad news.

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    Sorry to hear of this. Prayers to the family.
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    He really must have loved his wife...Pokie73 got married in 1973. Sad to hear this.

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    Wow. Thanks everyone. I remember him well. I will contact his family on behalf of us. Thanks for posting the information.
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    Sad to hear of the loss of our friend Pokie73 .Condolences to his family and friends . May he eternally be finding treasure on the other side .

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