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Thread: Going stare crazy

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    Going stare crazy

    When is the flipping weather going to warm up you would think in Arizona it would not get as cold as it does but here where I live its been in the 28-40 degree range with the wind blowing 30 mph and gusting to the mid 40s per mph which makes it seem even colder plus the dang rain will not let up, I have 40 acres of land to detect and cant even get out to detect it because its been colder then a well diggers butt,guess I will have to fill my living room floor up with dirt and detect it oh wait the dirt is all flooded and turned to mud guess that idea is out
    Sorry just had to rant

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    I can relate! It got warm over the weekend, but had to work. Did manage to get out for a bit to one field. It was muddy slop on top, but underneath there was another 4 inches of hard frozen ground. Fast forward to Wednesday. Record high temps, over 70 in some places. Detected Tuesday for a bit, but still dealing with frozen ground. Had broken my shovel trying to dig ice. Tried the beach Wednesday before work. Couldn't believe how many people were there. Looked like a summer Saturday afternoon! Hard to detect like that. Today, dropping temps towards freezing, rain snow mix. Expecting winter storm over the next couple days.
    Yeah, it's all over for a while. Good luck and hope your conditions improve soon. I feel your pain!
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    That is prime digging weather here!
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