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Thread: Tesoro Vaquero Questions

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    Tesoro Vaquero Questions

    I just got the Vaquero. Besides coinshooting, I hope to use it for competition hunts.

    What settings are best to improve response/recovery time so I can swing fast and still hit shallow targets?

    Is there a shaft extender? I am tall and at maximum shaft extension now.

    Are there any coils that are recommended for competition?


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    I have a Vaquero and have done several competition hunts. IMHO the Vaq is one of the best for that type hunt because of it's quick recovery. Settings?....just ground balance it, medium sens depending on the depth that targets were placed (most competitions place them shallow) and go. Where I did the hunts mineralization was fairly high but was no problem. You will usually know what the targets will be so just set disc for them and you're ready. Have fun.

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    Shaft extension......................It can help to just turn the "S" bend over so the lower shaft is lower. Hope that helps.
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