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Thread: I finally did it !

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    Danny, it looks absolutely fantastic and you were right to go with the lighting because it really makes those bottles pop out! It's beautiful and now I want one! And, a man cave would be nice too!
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    Exactly what I was thinking!

    The case is amazing Dan! Looks great all lit up 👍
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    Beautiful !! Great stuff and well laid out .

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    Just saw this post Dan. Great job on the setup...really looks nice! Ironically I've just gotten around to doing the same. Going slow to make sure I get it right. Every time I walk by it I glance at the relics as well. My wife just rolls her eyes.

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    Dan, beauty, but I have seen your finds and you're going to need a bigger one

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    Next up.........add a room !
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    Wow! This is amazing! Definitely a great collection.

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