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Thread: AT PRO gone WILD!

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    AT PRO gone WILD!

    I've never had a moment of trouble with my AT PRO.
    Today, after detecting for a short while, it started to false when it wasn't being swung. First, it would show mostly "53" and a mid tone. Then, it started to false continuously -- beeps (mostly mid-tones, but a few others) and numbers all over the place.

    I re-installed the coil. I put in fresh batteries. I did the 5-second factory re-set.

    Moving the coil wire does not seem to have any effect. I don't think the problem is there.
    This detector has not seen that many hours of use over the ten years I've owned it (bought new from Kellyco in 2008 or 2009), and it has been pampered -- Cleaned after every use; always stored inside in a protective bag; never used underwater.

    My guess is that something went nuts with the processing unit.

    Has anyone else ever had this experience. Anything I should try before sending it off to Garrett.

    Any suggestions are most welcome.


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    I have had similar issues with the pro, my first question would be interference? I had this issue when I accidentally forgot to put my phone on airplane mode so that’s a easy fix, second was a small split in the coil wire. Right as it feeds into the coil ( the thicker part) a small split occurred that wasn’t easily noticed until I inspected closely. Do you have another coil to test? Garrett resolved this issue with no questions asked, shipped a new coil in about 7 days. Good luck

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    I had a very similar problem with my E-Trac and it ended up being a bad coil. If you can, try a different coil on the machine and see if that fixes the problem.
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    I had a similar situation with my T2 years ago. I sent it to the shop and they said the coil needed "shielding." . It came back just like new.

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