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    Double Graphic

    I am using something I think is useful, you may or may not agree, but here goes:

    I have a custom program I use most of the time. It uses the XY graphic. At the next highest program number I have the exact same program except it has the horseshoe graphic. Why do I do that?

    1. In certain situations the VDI number is hard to read on the XY screen but on the horseshoe screen it's much larger.

    2. I can immediately see what freq I am on (does not show on the XY screen).

    3. I may have the second program set on a different freq to see if the VDI changes on the same target (can be useful IDing bottlecaps).

    And I can just press one button (+ or -) to see those things,and one again to return.
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    Being able to easily toggle between programs is one of my favorite things about the Deus. For the type of hunting I do, I don't usually care much about VDI numbers or the visual information, but I do the same as you and with one push of a button switch to a different program to get additional audio information when over a target. I do like the XY screen and have it on most of my programs and will consult it on occasion on some of the tricky iron targets.
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    And here I thought I was a pioneer.
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    The real treasure is in the marketing

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