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Thread: White's Treasure Master or Treasure Pro?

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    White's Treasure Master or Treasure Pro?

    Other than the back lighting and more tones with the Treasure Pro is their any reason to spend the extra money over the treasure Master?

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    Should I have waited for one of the Admins to welcome you to the forum? Umm, for a difference of $69 from kellyco for the Tpro, that isn't a vast amount of money. Uhhhh, you get a DD coil when you get the Tpro. The Tmaster is only a concentric coil. That is a big difference. I don't often use the backlight, but it is a good thing to have and has come in handy a few times. I stick with the 4 tones, even though I have the 8. The reason I don't use the 8, Is because I go to heavily iron infested areas where the falsing causes more tones to be just a nuisance than a help. I only need to pay attention to the iron clicks, grunts, and the positive VDI. The reasoning is only because of the places I hunt. If I hunted more parks, then I might benefit from the 8 tones. The DD coil is prob the reason why you would consider the extra for the Tpro. I have done quite well with it, despite the limitations I have noticed. It is a decent machine, and if you learn it well, and learn the type of places you hunt, you will be able to find some decent things with it.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Having never used either of those machines I can't add much to the information MangoAve has provided, but given the choice I would always opt for a Double D coil.

    Best of luck with whatever you go with!
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    Hi, Riverrat! I hope you are happy with the machine you choose!
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