I decided to part with my DFX. I was keeping it as a back up to my Deus, but now that I have a second Deus coil, I really don't need to hang on to my DFX as a spare machine. The DFX is well used but works fine. I did have it tuned up at Whites a some years back and they replaced the whole screen unit.

Also parting with all the DFX coils. They all work fine. I don't think they are V rated. The 12 inch is hardly used. The 10" DD is lightly used too. Whites had replaced my original. The 950 came with the unit. The 5" inch coil I bought used as was the 4X6 Shooter (deadly in the iron). The 1" coil (Sunray DX-1) is for sale also. The Sunray in-line probe is the best pin pointer ever made in my opinion. I wish my Deus had a Sunray probe.

Everything is used but everything works fine. If you have an interest in any or all of this reliable White's workhorse, just let me know. No reasonable offer will be refused.