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    My new toy...

    Well my new Equinox 800 arrived yesterday. I am excited to learn what it can do. Since I am a huge fan of the Sunray in line probes I bought a clip for my Carrot pinpointer to mount onto the shaft of this machine. I think it will be easier than sticking it into the holster on my belt.

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    For those of you who are interested in how I got it this is how it happened for me...

    I preordered it through Kellyco on Jan 9th. I asked Kellyco where I stood in line but received no response. I was ok with that and figured I was at least #150 if not #200. After lurking on other forums I realized that Minelab was hardly shipping any of the 600's or 800's but Cabela's was able to fill orders and people were getting them in a week or less after they ordered them. I was thinking that I was not going to receive mine until May at this rate. On Feb 20th I just so happened to check out the Cabela's site and they had EQ800's listed on it for sale. So I chatted with Cabela's and asked if I ordered one would I receive it in a week and they checked with the manufacturer (since it ships direct from them) and told me that they have them in stock so yes I would receive it in a week. So I ordered it from Cabela's and cancelled the Kellyco order. 2 days later I got an email stating that unfortunately I was put on the back order list and would receive one by end of March. I was bummed but another 4-5 weeks was not going to kill me. I started hearing on other forums that dealers (other than Cabela's) were starting get some more shipments in. Then on Tuesday I decided to see if any were on eBay and sure enough a dealer had 2 EQ800's for sale at the normal price with free shipping! So I bought one immediately. Right place at the right time! Both of those detectors were sold in less than 5 minutes. After I purchased mine I went back to the offer page and both were sold. I cancelled the Cabela's order.

    So there is my story. I know some of you are still waiting to get one of these and I hope it happens soon. I think Minelab has read/heard of the complaints out there (and if you are a part of or lurk on other forums or FB groups you know that there are lots of complaining going on!) about this roll out and so they are now trying to get machines out to the dealers asap so they can ship to those who ordered back in 2017.
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