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Thread: Our finds are even more wonderful when we understand the history!! Video link here!

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    Our finds are even more wonderful when we understand the history!! Video link here!

    Hello! Was just inspired to post a link to a FREE college course that panel discusses our wonderful WORLD history! Seems to have a leaning toward American history, but today I listened in on one involving the middle ages! Most of you here that I know don't do this for the money (obviously!) but rather to save our precious history one relic/coin at a time. A better understanding of it seem something ALL of us here would appreciate. I hope this is helpful and enjoyable. Type in free Hilsdale college courses and the link should be there. Enjoy!!

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    Thanks for sharing that Noah. I think our love of history and finding history is what binds us detectorists together. You'll never meet one who isn't a history hound! HH, Dave.
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    I agree one of the things that attracted me to detecting was the research, something about finding locations long forgotten and saving relics from the time period expected. Displaying them, then showing them off. Thanks for sharing

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    thanks you guys. All the discussions on history Just drives me outdoors again!

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