I was just shopping around to see what was available for my TDI SL because I wanted something deeper and more stable than the stock dual field for beach hunting. I looked at the big Miner John, but wasn't overly impressed. While researching I found a 10 coil test garden comparisom, and nothing really stood out from the others as far as depth capability.
But today I ran into the info that the Minelab mono type coils can be used on the TDI without a problem. More searching and I found a company called Nugget Finder. Made for extreme depth yet high sensitivity to small gold. I spoke with a US dealer and was told there is no comparison. All coils are hand made and individually tested. There's no comparison to anything else out there, so I was told. Being a flat wound litz wire coil, it's exactly what I would build myself. So I decided to splurge and found a 17x13 elliptical that should punch deeper than anything I've ever used, especially on coin or ring sized targets. One real world example was an appreximately 1g nugget found at over 30 inches! Another big advantage is lots if ground coverage as is usual with any big coil. Cant wait to try it out!
Thoughts anyone?

Link: https://www.nuggetfinder.com.au/products