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Thread: My antivirus software keeps telling me that AD has been hacked

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    My antivirus software keeps telling me that AD has been hacked

    Admins, for the last couple of days, it takes me forever to open up the AD site. My Sophos antivirus software keeps giving me the message below. You may want to check the site for malware.



    20180405 210241 Blocked web request to "" (linked from "") 'Mal/HTMLGen-A' has been found at this website, reference ID 1024459130.

    Mal/HTMLGen-A is the threat name associated with web content blocked by Sophos products using the reputation filtering functionality.
    Note: Mal/HTMLGen-A is not detection of a malware payload on an infected machine. Instead it indicates a Sophos product blocking access to a remote website we believe to be either malicious (a site whose sole purpose is to infect users with malware) or compromised (a legitimate site, but one that has been hacked in order to infect or redirect users).
    If you believe the current classification is incorrect, please use the following form to submit the site for re-evaluation:
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    I had this EXACT same problem last week with Kaspersky AV! I'm still getting it occasionally but I've learned to ignore it! It's a malicious trojan according to Kaspersky but it successfully blocks it every time.
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    We are addressing this .
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