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    Nox users

    Debating as to wether or not to sell off some of my herd and going for a 600 . Anyone experiencing the loose shaft wiggle or balance issues or any other issues ? It seems a lot of folks either love or hate the new Nox . If the ID is not that accurate , that's no big deal to me as I go by sounds anyway . Also , is anyone experiencing getting fooled by those deep iron " iffies " very frequently ? My Explorer SE plagues me with that .With the onset of old age I don't really appreciate deep digs for rusty nails . Any input from you Nox would be greatly appreciated .Thanks .
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    Just got my 800 a week ago and have only used it once only complaints so far is it wants to wobble in my hand so I have to squeeze it pretty hard I don’t use the arm strap and without head phones turned all the way up still not very loud but those are just my opinion
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    So far I'm in a love / hate relationship with my new Nox. I've got the 800. I don't get any loose shaft issues . If there's a loose shaft issues it's probably because they don't have the camlock tieded all the way. You really gotta crank on it sometimes. And I'm a big time strap user! I use the cuff strap at all times. Plus it's great to grab onto as your standing back up. My issues are the falsing. I hear guys say how it's a nickel sniffing machine. "Guaranteed a 12 or a 13 is a "no if's" nickle"...... not here! If I dug every 12 and 13, I'd have enough nails to build my dream house! As far as I'm concerned, when I'm swinging that thing nickles don't even exist. I've never seen a machine false in the middle of the scale, in the nickle/ pull tab range? That's weird to me. If they false it's usually at one end of the scale or the other. Not in the middle. I know you can check the signals by switching frequencies, and modes but that's too much of a hassle. When I'm out there every second counts. I don't want to have to super annilize every mid tone. And change programs and settings. Takes to long. But what keeps me charging and grabbing it when I go out, is it's lighting fast recovery speed! Wow! And its ability to see AND REPORT BACK BOTH conductive and non-conductive / Fe&Co targets simultaneously!
    Well..... That's what we've been asking for! Isn't it? It is like no other Minelab weight wise period! It is supper light! Almost too light in some deep flowing river water. But I'll deal with that any day! I'm not a tall dude. 5' 9" or 5' 10" and I have the arm cuff all the way towards the back. Last hole.
    But it has hit some targets that have flat stunned me! One was a brass ring on a big iron teardrop shaped ...... thing!! And this was at 10 inches easy! No way any detector I've ever owned would've picked that up. And as usual the Minelab "hunt by sound" is still very much true! You can walk through a pulltab patch at a trashy city park and hear 2 or 3 sounds at once. And, if your cherry picking, just listen for that chirp, isolate it, and dig down to your (hopefully) coin. I do need to sit down and set up a proper program with assigned sounds for numbers because those dang screw caps?........

    After all that. Hope this helps
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    Tim makes good points. In my soil the EQX IS a nickle hound. 13 from every direction is 90% a nickle.
    I thought I had the shaft wobble when I first got it but I don't. I guess I didn't tighten it enough.
    Coming from the T2 I'm not impressed by the EQX recovery but I'm not unimpressed. It's just as fast as the T2 which is lightning fast.
    The one problem the nox has is you many times have to find work-arounds for size/depth. The depth meter and tone modulation isn't as good as the T2. I'm still digging cans... and I'm back to raising my coil over targets.
    Its greatness lies in the depths it can ID targets. I've already dug my deepest copper ever with this machine. I dug another super deep one this week but didn't measure it.
    This machine is very adaptable and when you get the right mode/settings it seems unfair! Good luck with your decision, George!

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    I got my nox a few weeks back. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it at all. Itís a ridiculous machine, enough so that I have retired the ctx. Iíve had no problems with iron reading as a nickel nor have I had any shaft wobble. But I have been to places that was pounded to death with my ctx and I pulled a few silvers and wheats. I guess to each their own but for me itís a good fit

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    I love my EQ800. I agree with Tim about the falsing 12 or 13 on deep square nails. I had that problem yesterday BUT that only seems to happen at places where there are deep square nails to me anyway. It is strange that it falses in the middle of the scale but other detectors sometimes false on the high end of the scale at numbers I would dig so either way I am digging the signal. With more experience hopefully we can discern from the sound or perhaps something else that it is just iron.

    The only other issue I see is the depth meter. It is not nearly as accurate as the Etrac. For me depth is very important at the public parks I hunt. I have dug pennies that are 4 of the 5 bars deep which in theory should be 6 inches deep and it was only 1 inch deep. So I often find my self skipping the 3 bars or less signals. Maybe Minelab can redo this on the upgrade? That would be nice!

    I do love the recovery speed though! SO much faster than the Etrac! yesterday I was at a iron infested spot that I have found some VERY old items in the past and gridded a certain area with the Etrac AND the deus and thought that I dug all repeatable signals before. Yesterday with the EQ800 I found 2 Indians that were clear signals that I missed. So either my gridding skills are lacking or the Equinox is legit?

    The Equinox is not a magic wand though! You still have to swing over a good target...if there is nothing in the ground then all that you are finding is....nothing. There is also a learning curve but for me it is pretty intuitive.

    So if you are committed to learning a new machine then you should have success with it!
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    Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences with the New Equinox . Before there was no way I was going to get one but now I'm at the never say never stage . A lot of points that were made were some of the things I've experienced in my many years of messing around with many different detectors . There are always going to be trade off's to be considered when using one detector over another . Recently I have been hunting more frequently than I have in a long time and have been using many different detector and coil
    combinations .I have been digging most all the signals I have gotten . Basically , I'm digging up all the garbage I passed up before while making good finds . My new spots that I thought had promise have not been very productive either . My detectors are all capable of making good finds maybe I just need to become more capable of finding good new locations . Not such an easy thing anymore . Thanks again .

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