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Thread: My Crotal Bell Display

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    My Crotal Bell Display

    It finally arrived! I think I first mentioned I would be doing a display about 4-5 months ago when I found a couple small crotal bells at a field permission of mine.

    My wife has always wanted a milker. So this past spring I bought her a pregnant Jersey heifer and she was supposed to be due end of May but the farmer was just a bit off on the due date...3+ months off! This past Sunday "Maple" had her calf. Its a bull (soon to be a steer) and his name is "Habs".

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    We will not have him wear it all the time but I think its nice to hear the bells ringing again even though I think crotal bells were typically for horses back in the day.

    I also put together a quick video so that you can listen too.

    Thanks for looking!
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    That's awesome! It's great to hear those bells ringing again after all those years, and Habs looks as happy as can be!
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    Great job on getting the bells to ring again. Looks great....
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    That is soooo cool!! Not as cool as your 1812 buttons but hey, YOU set the bar
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    great to hear the bells clinking again and the Calf reacting to the sound .
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    Now that's cooool!!
    They really make some noise when he gets them up to speed! They sound great!

    That's the first display case I've seen that you have to feed.
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